Broncos Twitter goes full attack mode after 64-yard FG miss

Broncos Twitter goes full attack mode after 64-yard FG miss

Peyton Manning knew it.

Troy Aikman knew it.

All the Twitter chair coaches knew that.

You DO NOT sign Russell Wilson to be your signalman and then take the ball out of his hands late in the game on a 4th and 5th to kick what would tie the second longest field goal in the history of the NFL.

There were several things wrong with this end game.

On the one hand, Hackett/Wilson took far too long to decide to stop the clock. Wandering the field, Wilson lost nearly 30 seconds before calling time out.

Instead, they could have stopped the clock with 45 seconds left, going to the line for another play to try and draw the Seahawks offside. If that doesn’t work, call time out, go to the sidelines and offer a good 4th and 5th play.

If Hackett was sold for kicking the ball, why not then let the clock run to the end so nothing is left on the clock after the kick >?

Finally – and most importantly – WHY ARE YOU EVEN TOUCHING THE BALL???

I can somehow get it. If there is one kicker I would trust to score a record field goal, it would be Brandon McManus. And hopefully he gets the record before he retires from the NFL.

But in this scenario, the odds are much bigger to get the first down with a quarterback like Wilson — one of the most winning QBs in the fourth quarter — than hoping for three in a record kick.

MHR’s Jeffrey Essary was pretty much beside himself with this attacking decision.

And despite all the other mistakes of the night – missed tackles, dropped balls on the goal line, poor communication, an absurd number of penalties – Essary was the most furious because it’s the one thing that’s so obviously wrong. to improve.

Two fumbled balls on back-to-back drives down to 4th and base to 1 will likely never happen again.

  • 187 pre-snap penalties should no longer occur.
  • Missing so many tackles was already cleaned up in the second half.
  • But making a better decision in a split second when the game is on the line? No guarantees.

But hindsight is 20/20 and while Russ Wilson said in his post-match presser that he supported the decision, Brandon McManus just said he had to take that kick.

“We said, where can you do it from tonight, and he said ’46 hash left.’ I think we were on the 46,” Wilson said. “I think he’s got the leg for it, for sure. I believe in what we do. Believe in everything, and anytime you can try to find a way to play fourth and fifth, that’s fine too. Also, I don’t think it was the wrong decision. I think he can do it.


What “mistake” from last night worries you the most?

  • 30%

    RB fumble on the goal line (x2)

    (205 votes)

  • 18%

    12 penalties for 106 yards

    (126 votes)

  • 2%

    Missed tackles

    (16 votes)

  • 48%

    Decision to kick FG late in the game

    (327 votes)

674 votes in total

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