HEB is rolling out a cash-back debit card on purchases of branded goods from the San Antonio retailer

HEB is rolling out a cash-back debit card on purchases of branded goods from the San Antonio retailer

HEB is rolling out a program to boost sales of its branded products by offering customers who use the San Antonio retailer’s new debit card a 5% cash back reward on those purchases.

Simply dubbed HEB Debit, the program also offers an optional savings account with an annual percentage return of up to 6%.

“We’re always looking to provide Texans with more ways to save,” said Ashwin Nathan, HEB vice president of marketing.

To receive cash back, customers must use the company card to purchase products under the HEB, Hill Country Fare, Meal Simple, Field & Future by HEB, Home by HEB, Kodi, Cocinaware, HEB Kitchen & Table, GTC and other company brands. .

The reward is for products purchased at HEB stores and through its website for curbside and delivery orders, but not for items purchased at HE-B Central Market, Mi Tienda, Joe V’s Smart Shop or via the Favor delivery service.

Pharmaceutical prescriptions, gift cards, restaurants, gasoline and car washes are also excluded.

There is no monthly fee for an account and the card can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, HEB said.

If customers create an optional savings account, they can earn up to 6% annual percentage return on balances up to $2,000. If their balance is greater than $2,000, the annual percentage return for the portion above that amount will be staggered and will vary from 0.6% to 6%.

The card and account are set up through Pathward, NA, which was previously known as MetaBank, NA The name change was part of a $60 million deal with Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, reported American Banker.

Customers can add funds via another debit card, a bank, at HEB stores or by direct deposit. They can be paid from paychecks, tax returns and government programs up to two days earlier, the company said.

Customers can apply for the card online at hebdebit.com.

HEB isn’t the only food retailer to offer a cash back debit card.

Customers using Kroger’s card can earn 2% cash back on the company’s brands as a payment benefit, which is applied to their next purchase, according to Kroger’s website. They can also accumulate “fuel points” for gasoline purchases.

HE-B’s savings account option could help bring down the historically high rate of Texans who don’t have bank accounts.

According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., the share of households without a bank account in Texas was 7.7% in 2019, while the national share was 5.4%.

Although still leading the national share, the number of “unbanked” households in Texas fell from a peak of 12.8% in 2011, the FDIC and the Texas Office of the Comptroller reported.

Houston Chronicle business reporter Megan Munce contributed to this report.


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