Nintendo Direct Zelda Announcement Rumors Intensify

Nintendo Direct Zelda Announcement Rumors Intensify

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Update [Fri 9th Sep, 2022 02:45 BST]: The rumored Nintendo Direct for the month of September could possibly be delayed.

In a brief social media post, GamesBeat editor Mike Minotti (who is also the co-host of Jeff Grubb’s “Games Mess Decides”) mentioned that there was a chance the next Direct be pushed back by Nintendo due to the death. of Queen Elizabeth II.

“I’m terrified to say this because it sounds like something NOBODY will believe but it looks like the Nintendo Direct might be delayed because of the queen lol”

Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb added to this, explaining how “weird” as it sounds, it basically boils down to the fact that Nintendo is Nintendo. The company has delayed broadcasts, announcements, and game releases before due to world events, and this could potentially be the same.

“I agree it’s weird. But are you new here? Have you met Nintendo? I hope it was just a conversation about whether or not they should delay and it always happens.”

According to Grubb, Nintendo’s main concern is apparently a possible conflict with the funeral. Jeff also pointed out how the UK is an important part of Nintendo’s global market, so he’s going to consider events like this out of respect and because he has a company on the ground operating there.

Grubb expanded on his initial comments in the latest episode of the “Games Mess Decides” podcast – mentioning how the situation is still very much in development, and Nintendo America will likely be part of the decision-making process. Games Mess also reiterated that this is still an “internal conversation at Nintendo” and said third parties have yet to receive an update.

Earlier this year, Nintendo delayed the Switch release of Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, and previously postponed a Nintendo Direct broadcast due to an earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan.

If there are any significant developments, an update will be shared.

original article [Sat 3rd Sep, 2022 08:30 BST]: Earlier this week, video game journalist Jeff Grubb talked about a Nintendo Direct taking place at some point this month.

Although there hasn’t been an official announcement yet, Grubb has now expanded on his original comments – reiterating what he’s heard from his own sources. Speaking to the Nintendo Shack team, Grubb explained how re-releases of Zelda Wind Waker and Twilight Princess would likely be part of the focus – including a possible Breath of the Wild sequel name reveal:

“…Lots of Zelda stuff, now I said the word ‘punch’ that everyone’s super obsessed with [that]…I don’t know what their [Nintendo] the exact plans are I guess, and it’s been hinted to me…it’s probably happening we’ll probably get the Breath of the Wild 2 name, and we’ll also get the ports of the Wind Waker Wii U HD transfers and Twilight Princess.”

That’s not all, however. He went on to explain how a Metroid Prime remaster could be on the cards, as well as EA’s game announcement. It takes two for Switch, which was also mentioned elsewhere online this week by another leaker:

“…Metroid Prime is also supposed to come out this holiday, so we should get that as well, so that’s when we started talking about ‘there’s a lot of remasters…especially a lot GameCube remasters’ – will they [Nintendo] theme around that, we have no idea.

“…It Takes Two is coming to the Switch, it’s one of the games I’ve heard, yeah – will be in the Direct, so yeah – there should be a lot of stuff in there, it should be big enough, it should be much bigger than the series of things they [Nintendo[ did throughout the summer when they didn’t have a real general Direct, so it’s exciting and I’m looking forward to it.”

Beyond this, Jeff says he doesn’t know any of the fine details about this rumoured Direct – such as the length, other participants or the exact date.

He also took this opportunity to mention how Nintendo has been “holding onto so much of this stuff for so long” and then it takes forever for it to apparently decide when certain games will be launched. Referencing the rumoured Fire Emblem game as an example, that’s supposedly just sitting at Nintendo HQ ready to be released.

Rumours about Wind Waker and Twilight Princess games originally surfaced online last year – with multiple journalists at the time claiming these titles would be getting Switch versions. The Metroid Prime re-release has also been rumoured for some time now.

Would you be interested in Switch versions of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess? Do you think we’ll be hearing about them anytime soon? Leave your own thoughts down below.

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